When is an initiative considered successful?

The European Citizens’ Initiative is not intended to address personal issues but matters of Europe-wide significance affecting citizens from several Member States. An initiative must therefore overcome two obstacles to be successful:

  • It must be supported by at least one million EU citizens.
  • In addition, it must be supported by a minimum number of signatories in at least one quarter of the Member States (currently seven). The minimum number of supporters per country ranges from 3 750 in Malta, the smallest EU state, to 74 250 in Germany, the most populated.

The organisers have a period of 12 months to collect the signatures. These are then submitted for verification and certification to the relevant national authorities in each country, who will then check them to ensure that they do not contain false names or duplications.

Minimum number of signatures per country

Minimum number of signatures per country
  • Belgium 16500
  • Bulgaria 12750
  • Czech Republic 16500
  • Denmark 9750
  • Germany 74250
  • Estonia 4500
  • Ireland 9000
  • Greece 16500
  • Spain 37500
  • France 54000
  • Italy 54000
  • Cyprus 4500
  • Latvia 6000
  • Lithuania 9000
  • Luxembourg 4500
  • Hungary 16500
  • Malta 3750
  • Netherlands 18750
  • Austria 12750
  • Poland 37500
  • Portugal 16500
  • Romania 24750
  • Slovenia 5250
  • Slovakia 9750
  • Finland 9750
  • Sweden 13500
  • United Kingdom 54000

The minimum number of signatures per country is based on the number of Members of the European Parliament elected in each Member State.


Launch of the Greens/EFA website on the European Citizens' Initiative

Today we start our website on the ECI. The website informs you on what the ECI is and how it works. And it gives you an opportunity to discuss your ideas on an initiative in our ECI Community Forum.

Greens/EFA conference: The European Citizens' Initiative - How to get it started

With the European Citizens Initiative set to enter into force in 2012, the conference will look at what measures are needed to ensure the ECI can start to work. Several NGOs will also present their ideas and projects for an initiative, among them are projects for a nuclear-free Europe, for more effective exchange programmes in the EU, for media pluralism, and for fair roaming. 

ECI workshop at the Green Summer University

The Green European Foundation (GEF) and the Polish Zielony Instytut organise a workshop on the European Citizens' Initiative at the Greens/EFA European Summer University, on Saturday, September 10th 2011.

Two days on the European Citizens' Initiative

The European Citizen's Initiative (ECI) is waiting in the wings and the countdown is on for more civic participation in Europe. The Greens/EFA-Group and its expert on direct democracy, Gerald Häfner (Germany), took this as an opportunity to dedicate 2 days of talks to this important topic.