• In principle, organisers can collect signatures in support of their initiative on a paper or online. The Commission is providing a free Open Source software for online collection of signatures.
  • The statements of support may only be made in one of the languages included in the Commission’s register for that proposed citizens’ initiative. Translation of the statements is the responsibility of the organisers.
  • In order to be eligible to support a proposed citizens’ initiative, signatories must be citizens of the Union and be of voting age.
  • In order for signatures to be verified at the end, the signatories must generally state their name, address and birth date.
  • Some countries also require signatories to state their identity card number or an other personal identification number. However, the organisers must then comply with stringent data protection rules.
Countries that do not require a personal identification number

Countries that do not require a personal identification number


Launch of the Greens/EFA website on the European Citizens' Initiative

Today we start our website on the ECI. The website informs you on what the ECI is and how it works. And it gives you an opportunity to discuss your ideas on an initiative in our ECI Community Forum.

Greens/EFA conference: The European Citizens' Initiative - How to get it started

With the European Citizens Initiative set to enter into force in 2012, the conference will look at what measures are needed to ensure the ECI can start to work. Several NGOs will also present their ideas and projects for an initiative, among them are projects for a nuclear-free Europe, for more effective exchange programmes in the EU, for media pluralism, and for fair roaming. 

ECI workshop at the Green Summer University

The Green European Foundation (GEF) and the Polish Zielony Instytut organise a workshop on the European Citizens' Initiative at the Greens/EFA European Summer University, on Saturday, September 10th 2011.

Two days on the European Citizens' Initiative

The European Citizen's Initiative (ECI) is waiting in the wings and the countdown is on for more civic participation in Europe. The Greens/EFA-Group and its expert on direct democracy, Gerald Häfner (Germany), took this as an opportunity to dedicate 2 days of talks to this important topic.