28.06.2011 20:30 Il y a: 9 yrs

Launch of the Greens/EFA website on the European Citizens' Initiative

Today we start our website on the ECI. The website informs you on what the ECI is and how it works. And it gives you an opportunity to discuss your ideas on an initiative in our ECI Community Forum.

Today we start our website on the ECI. The website informs you on what the ECI is and how it works. And it gives you an opportunity to discuss your ideas on an initiative in our ECI Community Forum.

You also can ask all kinds of questions on the ECI there. Learn more from Gerald Häfner, MEP and spokesperson for the Greens/EFA on the ECI, about the idea of the website:

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Damn, I just send a comment snayig that I'd vote for Henrik if I were in Denmark.On the other hand, here, I'd vote in the anarchists who are the ones who will not be tempter to join the idea of the European Union.But I will not vote because I am such a wannabe redneck that I don't have the new "Citizen Card". A totalitarian ID card with chips and access to your bank account and what not. Scary stuff. It probabily has gps and counts your blood pressure as well... And just to notice that all my English/Australian born English teachers objected to the still majority ID card with You're name, the borough you live and the name of your parents as well as a strange number that nobody knows what's for.Well, there I am... divagating... Just wanted to transmit you some strenght Henrik and say that the essay was really great. Also, I loved that Danish paragraph even though I did not bother to read it. I couldn't even if I tryed...Go get them boy!
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